Our day-to-day operational processes are the heartbeat of our business.

Designed and developed over more than 40 years, these processes empower and support our best-in-class engineers to ensure an exceptional and consistent customer experience.

Our Quality Service Charter makes quality everyone’s responsibility, from trainee to directors.
  1. Induction: our customer service and Kaizan-based continuous improvement philosophies are introduced to all staff during a two-week induction.
  2. Continuous Training: all employees have a continuous career development plan and undertake regular training, both in-house and externally.
  3. Account Management Process: each client has a dedicated account manager who meets the client regularly to discuss operational issues, and who oversees our service to ensure we meet – and continually innovate to exceed – agreed standards.
  4. Standard of Service (“Qcom Engineering Charter”): we operate to an engineering charter outlining the code of conduct and standards expected of all staff.
  5. Operations Manual: our comprehensive operations manual details all our procedures.
  6. Feedback: we continually monitor our performance in all areas, looking for opportunities for innovation and improvement.


Our rigorous operational and quality processes are scalable to meet the needs of clients. This allows them to customise and respond rapidly to changing market conditions, scaling operations up or down as needed to avoid heavy fixed costs without compromising service levels.


Managed services can also be flexible over the longer term, evolving to the changing needs of a product throughout its life cycle, from emerging technology right through the growth and consolidation phases to full maturity.


Different strategies are typically deployed at each lifecycle stage to provide the appropriate business outcomes i.e. maintaining service levels for businesses experiencing the pain of growth, or releasing the cost of service delivery for products in maturing and declining markets.

At the heart of our approach is a total commitment to the principle of borderless collaboration.
This can be as simple as operating in an ‘own label’ capacity with dedicated telephone numbers, a branded response, virtual web desks and engineers arriving on site in branded workwear.

But beyond this, by working closely with your technical, service and leadership teams we aim to ensure Qcom quality is delivered in 100% alignment with your wider company culture, values and processes.

By adopting a shared and structured approach to operational performance improvement, resources optimization, process enhancement, waste and cost reduction, we will work with you to unlock the full potential for ongoing value creation.

The results will move the partnership ever deeper and closer in a truly borderless collaboration built on shared strategies, results and future direction.

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