Mobility & Handheld

On the go services for mobile barcode scanners

As a leading provider of outsourced support and servicing for specialist technology manufacturers, resellers and systems integrators across the UK and Europe, Qcom’s expertise extends to a large variety of mobility and handheld devices too. 

Discover the benefits of outsourced barcode scanner repair

Qcom has a vast network of highly trained and accredited engineers, skilled in barcode scanner repair, touchscreen monitor repair, warranty servicing and routine maintenance. We can provide service staff to fill gaps or top up your in-house support teams, or even provide a completely outsourced technical support solution. 

  • Save money by outsourcing technical support for barcode scanners
  • Focus resources by investing in your core business, not in-house customer service 
  • Enhance customer service with an outsourcing company that knows your barcode scanners inside out

Representing the leading brands

We represent many of the leading barcode scanners and mobility and handheld device manufacturers including but not limited to the following:

Zebra, Extech, Datamax, O'Neil, Printek, Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, Datalogic, Psion, Bluebird, Pidion, Trimble, Janam, Opticon, Unitech, Belgravium, Mobile Demand, Xplore Technologies, Panasonic Toughbooks, Apple, HTC

Touchscreen monitor repairs and more

Qcom’s expertise extends beyond the nuts and bolts of barcode scanners, touchscreen monitor repair and other handheld/mobility devices. We also provide bespoke warranty management services, helpdesk and call centre staff, and have all the specialist resources required to deliver outstanding customer service as a fully integrated part of your business.

Applications we cover include mobile printing and scanning, remote data capture, on-board ticketing, parcel delivery, parking tickets, mobile and remote workers, and field-force automation – but we can also create custom solutions whatever your needs.

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