The Concept

Business process outsourcing

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, the costs involved in providing technical support, warranty and repair services and helpdesk assistance can inhibit your potential to innovate and expand into new markets – yet innovation is essential if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition and respond to changing market needs. 

‘Business process outsourcing’ is a concept attributed to business guru Peter Drucker, who used the analogy of ‘front room’ operations and ‘back room operations’. Outsourcing simply means letting someone else take care of your ‘back room’ operations – those services that are critical to your customers, but not necessarily to your ‘front room’ operations; your core mission. 

Outsourcing is a business concept widely attributed to Peter Drucker, one of the 20th century’s most prescient business thinkers. He used the example of a front room and a back room in every business. An organisation should be engaged only in the front room activities core to supporting its business.

Why do companies outsource?

It may seem daunting to hand over customer care to an outside agency, but many companies have discovered the three key benefits of business process outsourcing: 

Save Money:

companies that outsource can release capital tied up in tools, vehicles and staff that are non-essential to the core business of manufacturing.

Focus Resources:

Better invest time and money in the people and facilities that will grow the business, not be tied down with day-to-day customer support.

Enhance Customer Care:

Do all of this while continuing to deliver the excellent technical support your customers expect.

What is outsourcing technical support?

Simply put, it means letting a business process outsourcing partner like Qcom handle your clients’ day-to-day technical support needs – services like warranty management, servicing and repairs, and helpdesk provision. 

With a pool of fully accredited servicing and repair engineers, skilled project managers and highly trained helpdesk staff at your service, Qcom can supplement or complement your in house team during busy periods, or even take complete control of all your customer care needs. We provide a range of flexible options to suit your requirements.