Covering 137 supermarket stores in just three months, Qcom engineers have gone the extra mile to complete a nationwide, high-volume project upgrade for a major customer. 

At a Glance

  • Nationwide upgrade project
  • Replacing legacy handheld terminals and charging cradles with new products
  • 137 supermarket stores
  • Three-month timescale
Workshop RepairsWorkshop Repairs
Wireless networkWireless network

The Need

The introduction of new product lines meant that our client needed a nationwide product refresh. More than 130 supermarket stores required a new handheld terminal, replacing existing equipment.

The charging cradle of the product also needed an upgrade, followed by the completion of a software integration, connecting the device to WIFI and the correct IP address.

The Challenge

With upgrades taking place in large supermarket chains, strict protocols and timings had to be adhered to throughout.

In the midst of a fuel crisis, stock shortages and supply chain issues, our fleet of engineers would also have to travel the width and breadth of the United Kingdom to complete the project.

The Solution

Qcom provided end-to-end project delivery, managing the logistics of the roll-out, deploying engineers daily to sites, and carrying out all hardware and software configuration.

New devices and charging cradles were delivered to site, allowing our engineers to carry out the full refresh process, changing the hardware and charging station. They then turned the upgraded device on, paired it to the existing WIFI, and a specific IP address based on the store’s location.

Finally, they upgraded the software on the charging cradle’s screen, updating the firmware and ensuring that the software would be compatible with the latest technology.

The existing handheld terminal was then either sent into Qcom’s repair loop or sent directly back to the customer

The Results

Qcom exceeded its targets for the completion of this project with a final delivery time of just three months from start to end.

From August to November, we deployed a nationwide team of engineers to upgrade technical devices in over 130 supermarket stores Qcom managed logistics, engineers’ schedules and after-product-life support, creating a seamless cohesion between Qcom and the client.

We are proud of our fleet team, helpdesk, and operational staff for their teamwork, customer support and delivery of this high-volume upgrade project, on a reduced time scale. Our team of highly trained and professional engineers navigated the challenging project in an efficient way, executing each stage within the complex process.

Rob Heritage,
Senior Operations Manager

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