Qcom worked with a global auto ID manufacturer to meet the upgrade requirements of a major UK customer.

At a Glance

  • Major upgrade project for 60,000 in-store handheld scanners
  • Complete logistics, commissioning and project management across all UK & Ireland stores
  • 18-month project delivered in just 10 months
 Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance
Project ManagementProject Management

The Need

Our client needed to upgrade approximately 60,000 scanning devices in order to meet the requirements of a major UK supermarket group.

A wi-fi infrastructure upgrade across all of the group’s UK and Ireland stores meant that these handheld devices variously required preventative maintenance and/or firmware upgrades to operate within the new infrastructure.

The Challenge

This was a major project involving approximately 60,000 devices.

A demanding 18-month schedule called for a high throughput of devices, with complex inbound and outbound logistics throughout.

The Solution

With dedicated in-house commissioning and project management resources, Qcom was able to rapidly plan and commence this project.

An initial 6,000 new devices were commissioned and swapped out for devices requiring an upgrade.

Once upgraded, these units were then swapped out. This loop-stock process continued in batches of 6,000 until the project was completed.

Correct configuration was managed and maintained through an extensive testing cycle.

The Results

Our careful project management and logistics meant that devices remained available to in-store staff and customers throughout the project.

As well as proving better value-for-money than previous suppliers on similar projects, Qcom was able to deliver the entire 18-month project in just 10 months.

Having been chosen for this project because of our reputation for delivering high-pressure projects on time, it was particularly pleasing to complete this logistically complex project a full eight months ahead of schedule.

Rob Heritage
Qcom Project Manager

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