Even Santa’s courier service needs help with handheld devices!

Neil Anderson

With Christmas fast approaching Qcom has once again helped a nationwide courier company ensure that all the precious Christmas parcels arrive on time and to the right recipient.

Over the past 6 weeks Qcom has triaged, commissioned and distributed 3,000 handheld devices to around 70 sites throughout the UK. 

In the run up to Christmas thousands of seasonal workers are employed to help with the increased workload, each temporary employee needs to be provided with a handheld device until the peak period is over.  Managing this in house would involve additional resources and a significant increase to overhead costs. 

Qcom offers a complete project solution to manufacturer of the devices which enables them to help their client to successfully manage their peak-period.  Each device is checked for faults and faulty units are repaired before all units are staged with the latest software. The units then undergo quality inspection before being packed with the necessary accessories and sent out to the designated site. 

When the busy period is over collection of all units will be arranged and the devices will be triaged before being put back into storage at Qcom’s technical repair centre in Droitwich Spa. 

Qcom provides a range of storage, commissioning and project management services to manufacturers of technology. For further information about our services please contact the Qcom sales team:  sales@qcom.co.uk 



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