Helpdesk Services

A fully qualified helpdesk team, at your service

Qcom has a vast network of IT help desk staff, fully trained and qualified to provide support for a huge range of specialist technology products and systems. We also have the dedicated call centres, equipment and expertise required to deliver this important service from the outset.

Why outsource your IT help desk?

For an original equipment manufacturer, outsourcing your support team means no need to invest in hiring or training the people required to deliver telephone and/or web-based customer service – Qcom already has the knowledgeable staff who are ready and waiting to meet your customer service needs.

There’s also no need to spend money or resources on building, maintaining and project managing the infrastructure required to operate a helpdesk – our ready-made customer service facilities allow you to provide excellent customer service without expensive overheads.

Helpdesk support on two levels

Whether over the phone or via the web, Qcom’s helpline staff can provide technical support on two levels:

Level 1

Friendly, polite, knowledgeable IT help desk staff members receive enquiries from customers dialing into a ‘virtual’ helpdesk via a dedicated phone line. These enquiries are then assigned to an engineer for specialist help and advice, within the timeframe of your choice.

Level 2

For more advanced customer support, a technical filter sorts incoming queries and assigns a technical specialist within 20 minutes. Our expert over-the-phone advice is usually sufficient, but in case of a more complex issue, resources can be allocated accordingly to generate a positive outcome.

Personalised, responsive helpdesk support

Far from being automated robots that cannot deviate from a script, our call centre agents deliver the specialist advice and help your customers need – when they need it, where they need it. As well as acting as a first port of call, our helpline team can also escalate and resolve queries as appropriate, to ensure every customer has the outcome they desire.