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Can Outsourcing Your Technical Helpdesk Benefit Your Business?

By Qcom | January 01 2018 | Qcom Group Blog

As technology develops and customer expectations rise, pressure is mounting on manufacturers and distributors to provide quality technical support to their customers whenever and wherever they need it.

In recent years the popularity of live chats has increased, but research shows that because of its good cost per resolution dynamic and, more importantly, because of the human interaction nature of a phone call versus web-chat or FAQ solution; voice remains a key component of the after-sales support package.

Web-chat may be effective when dealing with simpler issues, but with 66% of customers expecting an immediate resolution to their issue, telephone support remains key for customer satisfaction.

Providing a technical helpdesk in house can seem like a logical solution, however, there are four key reasons why businesses should consider outsourcing:

1. Save Money - outsourcing your helpdesk can help to reduce various costs including recruitment, training, overheads and salaries. A cost benefit analysis can help you to determine whether outsourcing is right for you.

2. Turn an overhead into a variable cost – ability to remove a fixed cost in the business and instead pay per call and ensure the variable cost is covered as part of the Gross Profit calculation.

3. Focus Resources – you can focus your own resources on core elements of your business such as design, manufacture and sales without sacrificing your pre or post-sales support offering. Also in many cases, manufacturers are outsourcing the long tail of their help desk calls and then enabling their smaller in-house team to focus on their key high value clients.

4. Enhance your Customer Service – Qcom’s technical staff are all customer service trained and flexible support allows manufacturers to deliver solutions that really work for clients.

Qcom has a network of fully trained technical helpdesk engineers available to be utilised by manufacturers and their reseller channels. From call logging to technical fault resolution we offer a range of flexible solutions to suit your business.

For further information on any of our helpdesk services please contact our sales team.

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