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ISE 2018 - What's new?

By Qcom | March 03 2018 | Qcom Group Blog

John Berry, Qcom Business Development Director, explains a little of what was new at ISE 2018.

‘Cool' is a somewhat overused word, especially by the younger generation, but it is a very apt adjective to describe some of the new tech on display at ISE 2018. Herewith a quick round-up of some of the most eye-catching.

Most prominent of all at ISE was the huge high definition LED displays. The quality and impact of the technology is remarkable. A prime example was the Hunan based OEM, Yes Tech who demonstrated their Optoelectronic display which featured a magic interactive floor. As visitors to the stand walked across the floor images remarkably changed on impact. The technology will have a growing presence in shopping centres and at large retailers where physical retail aims to lift the experience to draw footfall.

Similarly impactful is the development of 3D holograms. An example was Holo-Gauze 3D who were demonstrating their technology which was originally showcased for Beyonce’s Grammy award performance last year. The technology is certainly remarkable, but during its development phase is likely to be showcased in huge live events and perhaps at very upmarket exhibitions, before it hits retail.

More focused on near market technology is Acrelec. The business was profiling its A Range of Kiosk solutions. Amongst the designs showcased included the latest in smartcard and RFID technology, together with App integration and video chat.

For businesses, the London based company, Avex were demonstrating their Quarta meeting room concept. It takes virtual meetings to the next level with audio-visual and flat screens integrated into a board room table design. The design enables participants to maintain eye contact while at the same time visualising the integrated display and linking external participants into the meeting.

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