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Outsourcing services

By outsourcing services such as technical support, warranty management, specialist repairs and aftersales care, you can save money, focus resources and enhance customer service – all without making large capital investments in the equipment, facilities and people needed to provide these services. 

Qcom's managed services can help you to: 


Reduce costs 

Outsourcing services releases capital tied up in stock, tools and vehicles so you can better invest in your business priorities.
Enter new markets without worrying about technical support – managed services with an outsourcing partner like Qcom means you already have everything you need.

Invest wisely

Employ business leaders to help your company grow – leave the call centre workers, technical engineers and repair staff to us. 
Managed services can be flexible to the changing needs of a product throughout its life cycle – whether an emerging technology, a growing or mature product, get the right support when you need it. 

Be the best

Deliver the customer care your clients expect, when they expect it, and where. Qcom provides managed services for technology manufacturers across the UK and Europe. 
Complement your in-house team with experienced, customer-friendly staff when you need them, or let us handle your support needs completely.