helping manufacturers improve their business through outsourcing

How outsourcing can help your business

  • Innovation is essential if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition and respond to changing market needs.

    The concept
  • The concept is simple: you let an external agency handle aspects of your business that are not part of your core mission.

    In practice
  • Qcom is adept at providing warranty and repair services for specialist products across a wide range of industries.

    Why Qcom

Why should manufacturers outsource?

Save Money

Business process outsourcing releases capital tied up in stock, tools and vehicles so you can invest in what really matters to your manufacturing business. Reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair for new products and markets – your outsourcing partner already has everything you need.

Focus Resources

By directing staffing resources away from hardware support, you can instead invest in the leaders who will help your business grow. Outsourced customer service and technical support is flexible to the changing needs of a product throughout its life cycle.

Enhance Customer Service

Consistently excellent warranty management services delivered by people with specialist expertise, in the right place, at the right time. Complement your in-house team with experienced, customer-friendly staff when you need them, or let us handle your call centre needs completely.

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Why Qcom Outsourcing?

Already an established outsourcing partner in the automatic identification market, Qcom also provides pre-sales, technical and hardware support, warranty management services, maintenance and repair for Europe-wide manufacturers of telecoms equipment, digital signage, specialist IT equipment and more.

Our assets include specialist workshop facilities, a pool of highly trained and accredited engineers, project leaders, professional services consultants, and helpdesk staff.