Why Qcom?

Why choose Qcom to provide outsourced services? 

 There are many warranty companies to choose from, so why choose Qcom? 

Technical experience

Firmly established as one of the leading outsourced services companies for Zebra printers, barcode printers and scanners, and other specialist autoID equipment, Qcom is also adept at providing warranty and repair services for specialist products across a wide range of industries. 


Qcom is a ‘people company’ with a pool of experienced, accredited engineers, technical support specialists, project managers, consultants and helpdesk staff across the UK and Europe. We can provide the right people to complement or supplement your in house team, or even provide complete outsourced services. 



No need to invest capital in the specialist workshops, tools or vehicles required to carry out repair and warranty work on your products – Qcom already has the facilities you need. 


We help manufacturing businesses to concentrate on ‘front room’ operations like creating and innovating. By outsourcing your ‘back room’ business processes to a company that thrives on customer service, you can better focus resources and time on doing what you do best. 

A proven track record

As one of the top warranty companies in the technology equipment arena, Qcom’s technical support specialists have made a name for themselves among manufacturers of barcoding and automatic identification devices. 

Our proven track record in this field has led to expansion of our outsourced services provision across a broad range of specialist technologies, including label printers, scanners, ticketing solutions, retail technology, digital signage and much more.