Project Support

As part of the Qcom service management team, we can allocate a dedicated ‘Project Manager’ to large projects which require a central contact to coordinate elements such as:

  • Handover from Qcom sales team of proposed and ordered service
  • Initial review meetings
  • Initial training if required from partner
  • Specific engineer tools required
  • Hardware coordination
  • Engineer scheduling with partner interaction
  • End user site considerations; access, operating hours, pre-requisites
  • End user call logging, and updates
  • Problem escalation and resolution control
  • Reporting and project review meetings
  • Return of assets, hardware

Project managers are also able to pull in additional Qcom employees as/when required for specific skill sets. Qcom has carried out multiple successful large projects for partners, exampled case studies:

  • Auditing hardware at 280 retail stores over 3months.
  • Upgrading hardware on 1500 kiosks over 12months.
  • Upgrading 2500 battery packs 18months in the workshop.
  • Commissioning & installing 280 handheld devices at 50 retail outlets over 3months.
  • Commissioning 1000 handheld devices over 10days in the workshop.
  • Installing 70 labelling systems at individual car dealership sites with SAP integration over 2months.
  • Installation networking and power surge equipment at 200 retail stores over 6months.

Please contact the Qcom Sales Team for further information.