Magazine features Qcom guide to CET rollout & installation

Marc Sanderson

The latest edition of Kiosk & Digital Signage (KDS) magazine explores the ins and outs of customer engagement technology (CET) rollout & installation with Qcom.

In the magazine, Qcom managing director Neil Anderson discusses the importance of technology rollouts and installations as a key ‘moment of truth’ for any CET manufacturer, systems integrator, or retailer.

“A smooth and timely transition from the initial order to successful operation should set the right tone for a long and profitable customer relationship,” he says.

“Any delays or mistakes risk setting things off on the wrong foot, creating discontent among end users, hampering future sales growth or, worse still, leading to the cancellation of existing orders.”


CET rollout & installation guide

Neil goes on to discuss the five key stages for planning an effective CET rollout; the resources and capabilities an organisation needs to execute that plan; and the case for outsourcing this complex but mission-critical function.

He concludes: “Most importantly of all, whether working with an in-house team or an outsource partner, make sure that everyone involved in the rollout process understands that they really do have ‘your brand in their hands’ – and just what that means for the long-term success of this exciting new customer relationship.”

You can read the full article at KDS June / July, Issue 32.

Read more about technology rollouts & installation here, or contact us today to discussion your rollout requirements.

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