Qcom reports significant growth and milestones in 2021

Marc Sanderson

While 2021 definitely wasn’t the ‘return to normal’ the business community had been hoping for, Qcom is proud to have thrived as it supported a technology sector battling continued disruption and uncertainty.

While we have of course suffered our own share of challenges as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are delighted to be able to look back on significant successes throughout the year.

‘Going the extra mile’

Despite fresh pandemic restrictions and some challenging New Year weather across the UK and Europe, Qcom was able to deliver all services at full capacity throughout the first few months of 2021. 

This was an opportunity to once again test our contingency planning, ensuring uninterrupted technical support and project delivery for the technology manufacturers, distributors and end-users we serve.

Qcom field service support


‘Our most rewarding decision’

In February we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week by renewing our commitment to Qcom’s longstanding apprenticeships programme.

Hailed as ‘one of Qcom’s best and most consistently rewarding business decisions’, the programme has created dozens of training and development opportunities for young people in all areas of the business, and we were delighted to welcome several more in 2021.


In March, Qcom was named as Europe’s best technical outsourcing company – an award reflecting the company’s successes in a year which not only saw it maintain 100% service uptime and delivery throughout the pandemic, but also continue with a range of investment and expansion strategies.

Qcom Five Stars

That investment accelerated still further in the second half of the year as we completed the expansion of the Technical Repair Centre (TRC) facility at our UK West Midlands headquarters.

The project has increased floor space at the facility by more than 25%, improving the technical repair team’s ability to manage and configure large projects. It has also expanded Qcom’s e-commerce capabilities, providing additional space for inventory, stock and spare parts.

Award-winning delivery

Among our many successful recent technical services projects, we reported this year on two particularly high-profile technology rollouts.

Working with Europe’s largest photo company, CEWE, we completed the on-time installation of high-tech photographic equipment in nearly 500 UK and Ireland stores.


Photo technology roll-out

And for international technology company Bybox we completed the installation of 4,700 smart lockers at 1,200 sites around the UK.

The entire locker installation project required completion within eight months, a demanding schedule which was further complicated when the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown was imposed part-way through the project.

For his role in leading this exceptional project, Qcom’s Senior Operations Manager Rob Heritage was shortlisted for the prestigious Field Service Leader of the Year award in the 2021 European Field Service Awards.

Welcome to Qcom

Finally, and perhaps most rewardingly of all, the Qcom team has continued to grow as we have welcomed a significant number of new outsource customers as well as sustained demand for project delivery.

As a result, our nationwide engineering network is now larger than ever, and we have welcomed new team leaders in the North and South regions.

In October the engineering team set a new Qcom monthly record for the number of completed of field service visits. And 2021 was the year we launched our electric vehicle pilot project, reviewing carbon reduction and cost alongside a range of operational factors as we prepare for the inevitable switch to an EV fleet.

Reflecting on the last 12 months, Qcom managing director Neil Anderson said: “2021 has been a remarkable year for Qcom in many ways, not just surviving but thriving in the face of really significant levels of disruption and uncertainty.

“As we look towards the end of this year and into 2022, I want to thank all Qcom employees, new and not-so new, for everything they have achieved together over the last 12 months.

“And of course a big thank you goes to the technology manufacturers, distributors, integrators and resellers who we are so proud to support, and to the suppliers and partners who help us so consistently ‘go the extra mile’ in search of further success.”

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