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Outsourcing: the concept

 Peter Drucker is the business guru who coined the term ‘business process outsourcing.’ Using the analogy of ‘front room’ operations and ‘back room operations,’ outsourcing simply means letting someone else take care of your ‘back room’ operations – those services that are critical to your customers, but not necessarily to your ‘front room’ operations; your core mission. 

Providing technical support for resellers

As a reseller of specialist technology equipment, the costs involved in providing technical support, warranty management services and helpdesk assistance can get in the way of your core mission: to create revenue by selling more product units. 

Yet with a wide choice of products and vendors, customers are reluctant to remain loyal to one reseller, unless they can offer something above and beyond the competition. 

How can Qcom help in providing technical support?

It may seem daunting to hand over customer care to an outside agency, but many technology resellers have discovered the benefits of partnering with Qcom. 

With a pool of fully accredited servicing and repair engineers, skilled project managers and highly trained helpdesk staff at your service, Qcom has a range of flexible packages to suit your requirements, whether to supplement or complement your in-house team, or take complete control of your customer care provision. 

Three key benefits of partnering with Qcom: 

Add Value

  • Upsell value-added after-sales care and warranty management services to increase revenue without extensive capital investment
  • Offer customers a wider range of specialist technologies, safe in the knowledge that your warranty management services partner can handle the associated technical support 

Enhance Customer Service: 

  • Going the extra mile by offering comprehensive warranty management services increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Customers remember you as a reseller that can not only give them the technology they need, but the technical support they need too

Focus Resources: 

  • Streamline warranty management services by partnering with a provider that can offer technical support for all the products you sell. 
  • For resellers with their own technical support teams, access expertise not already found in-house.