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helping systems integrators improve their business through outsourcing

How Outsourcing can help your business

  • Innovation is essential if you’re going to stay ahead of the competition and respond to changing market needs.

    The concept
  • The concept is simple: you let an external agency handle aspects of your business that are not part of your core mission.

    In Practice
  • Qcom is adept at providing warranty and repair services for specialist products across a wide range of industries.

    Why Qcom

Specialist Support

Qcom Outsourcing: bespoke technology support services help IT Systems Integrators add value to customer projects.

Qcom Outsourcing is a leading provider of IT support and warranty management services for IT Systems Integrators across a wide range of technology industries.

While you take care of what you’re good at: personalised Systems Integration project management; let us handle what we’re good at: personalised after-sales care and technology support services covering the whole range of specialist equipment your clients demand.

Why should Systems Integrators outsource?

Enhance Customer Service

Perfect project management goes beyond installation – your clients can have consistently excellent technology support services delivered by experts, in the right place, at the right time.

Offer your clients a wider range of innovative technologies, safe in the knowledge that specialist warranty management services are covered.

Focus Resources

Partnering with a technology support services provider means you can concentrate on doing what you do best: finding the best technology solutions to address your clients’ unique needs. 

A flexible outsourcing partner absorbs peaks and troughs in demand so you can fill personnel gaps in your in-house team when needed, or access spare parts, technical training or specialist IT support services.

Save Money

Upsell value-added warranty management services to increase revenue without extensive capital investment.

Streamline customer service provision by utilising a single, industry-leading outsourcing partner, rather than suppliers of individual products or manufacturers.

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Why Qcom Outsourcing?

Qcom provides pre and post-sales IT support services and warranty management services for Europe-wide manufacturers of automatic identification equipment, telecoms devices, digital signage, specialised IT equipment, and more.

Our assets include specialist workshop facilities, a pool of highly trained and accredited engineers, project leaders, professional services consultants, and helpdesk staff.

With expertise across such a broad range of specialist technology products, Qcom is the ideal outsourcing partner for IT Systems Integrators wishing to offer clients the widest possible selection of systems, as well as quality technology support services.