Technical service + support key for CET success

Neil Anderson

In recent years the need for enhanced consumer experience has led to technology such as digital signage, kiosks and touchscreens changing the landscape of customer interaction. Manufacturers have raced to establish their brand in the world of customer engagement, focusing much of their attention on the design and manufacture of the technology.

Industries from retail to fast food are optimising technology to save space, manpower and time but in the changing world of customer service, manufacturers, resellers and retailers alike must not forget that the customer (or user) is number one. 

Interactive technology requires the customer to do for themselves what was previously done for them. If we want the consumer to buy-in to this, the solution must provide them with benefits such as convenience and speed. Downtime and inconvenience are not only damaging to reputations but will likely lead to unhappy customers as well. 

To optimise customer experience to following elements are vital: 

  1. Correct installation of equipment – professional installation helps to avoid teething problems. 
  2. User training – this can often be as much about managing the customer’s expectations as showing them how to use the equipment. 
  3. Regular preventative maintenance visits – pre-planned service visits can help to avoid downtime and ensure that the equipment is being used optimally. 
  4. A nationwide break / fix service – if customer facing technology fails, the resource needs to be available to get an engineer onsite where and whenever they are needed. 
  5. Properly maintained equipment can be beneficial to both owner and user but providing a nationwide support solution can be challenging, stretching budgets and resources. As the industry grows, manufacturers and resellers must focus their efforts not only on production and sales but on finding a way to cost-effectively optimise customer experience too. 

Qcom offers a range of pre and post-sales technical support solutions for kiosk, touchscreen and digital signage manufacturers and their reseller channel. From installation and training, to onsite maintenance or preventative maintenance, our nationwide engineering team can help you to take care of your customer. 

To find out more about our services for Customer Engagement Technology please contact the Qcom Sales Team. 


Customer Engagement Technology

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