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Partner Benefits

Why Outsource? Why Qcom?

Having realised the benefits and needs for an after-sales services, why should you outsource service delivery?

Because Qcom can deliver the following benefits:

  • More Focus

By releasing your expensive limited technical resource from mundane tasks, your own technical team can focus on high-end sales led development work. Capital can also be directed at your core business and you can free your own management time and concentrate on managing your core business activities in order to sell more solutions.

  • Cost Savings

With Qcom’s unrivalled national engineering network we can offer tremendous economies of scale against your own internal operation and furthermore, minimise your overhead. No need any longer to maintain technical staff for that unexpected peak period overload of calls. No expensive cars to run, spares to stock, tools to maintain, or man management of service staff.

  • Service Quality

Outsourcing the service to Qcom will also deliver enhanced service delivery. Furthermore, the risks and responsibilities are transferred to Qcom, who are 100% focussed on meeting your clients’ service needs – service is our business – and we live or die by our last service call.  We are focussed on protecting and enhancing your reputation through the best service performance in the business.

So, whether you could benefit from one or all of these features of outsourcing, a Qcom package will assist your business with the minimum of hassle. And remember, integrity is our watchword, so as a non-competitive partner – we don’t sell equipment or solutions (or deal direct!) so you can be assured that your confidential client details remain that, confidential and yours!