ZebraCare appointment confirmed

Neil Anderson

I am really delighted to announce that Zebra has appointed Qcom as the service provider for the ZebraCare Services Programme in the UK and Ireland.

Zebra is in the process of launching this new Services Programme which will transform the services landscape for end user customers of Zebra printers. Zebra’s strategy is to build a service platform across EMEA. This platform is designed to deliver technical services that include phone and email support, warranty and non-warranty repair services, on-site maintenance services under contract and on-site professional services. 

To build the platform, Zebra is partnering with the best European service companies. I’m proud to say that Zebra has counted Qcom among these highly ranked businesses. This development builds on a truly long-standing business partnership between Qcom and Zebra and provides an excellent model of our collaborative engagement process with clients a model that drives mutual development and success. 

Already Zebra and Qcom have invested in infrastructure that includes: 

  • The largest inventory of Zebra spare parts in the UK 
  • Stock of Zebra printers available for loan and replacement services 
  • Technical Helpdesk for VARs and end users to access support services and access Qcom’s fast and reliable on-site services
  • Training in the full Zebra product line for all Qcom’s engineers 

Here’s what Paul Vogt Zebras Services Director for EMEA had to say: Zebra Europe is delighted to engage with Qcom as a ZISP (Zebra Independent Service Provider) principally for the UK and Ireland. In the ZISP programme, we sub-contract a range of services to key partners located across our region capable of delivering the highest levels of quality.  

Central to Zebras selection criteria is the Qcom team of dedicated and knowledgeable people who are always out to delight the customer, no matter what it takes in personal sacrifice and effort. 

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