Technical Repair Centre support for scientific and measurement electronics, including same-day diagnosis and repair.

At a Glance

  • UK repair centre partnership
  • End-to-end warranty management service from logistics to end-of-life
  • 700+ annual warranty repairs
  • WEEE-compliant disposal
After-sales supportAfter-sales support
Workshop repairsWorkshop repairs
Warranty ManagementWarranty Management

The Need

Our UK-based client operates in the environmental services sector as a scientific test and measurement equipment specialist.

The company needed a UK-based warranty repair centre to check and diagnose errors in specialist vision equipment, and then safely dispose of any faulty stock. If there are minor faults, Qcom’s technicians are required to repair the product, and return a fully functioning device back to the end user. These minor repairs include the completion of battery replacements. Firmware upgrades also need to be performed, in compliance with the customer’s needs.

The Challenge

This warranty support includes the management of incoming inventory, diagnostic checks for errors, and then either a repair, return, or safe disposal of the product. This is required on a daily basis and needs to integrate Qcom’s repair centre seamlessly into the client’s existing operational logistics.

The disposal of faulty products requires strict safety protocols in line with WEEE disposal regulations.

The Solution

Qcom created a bespoke warranty returns solution based on the customer’s requirements. Units are sent, fully anonymised, direct to our UK Technical Repair Centre. Our trained team of expert technicians then complete a full error diagnostic to establish if the product is faulty. If a unit is faulty, the error code is used to identify the specific fault. If the fault is minor, it will be fixed immediately; if not, the technician will then authorise the replacement of the product for the customer.

By providing safe WEEE-compliant battery disposal, Qcom ensures a hassle-free experience for our client and its end users.

The Results

Qcom’s Technical Repair Centre now manages more than 700 vision system units a year, with technicians diagnosing and repairing equipment on the day it arrives.

A fluid interchange of products between the end used and the Qcom base has been created, and a fully functioning UK repair centre partnership has been set up.

By outsourcing logistics and workshop repair to Qcom, our client has been able to focus more resources on internal operations and on expanding sales and business capability.

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