Customer Helpdesk + Technical Support

Customer Helpdesk + Technical Support

Qcom can provide you with a complete helpdesk and technical support service – or supplement your existing resources – without the financial, management, recruitment and training overheads required to build and operate your own facility.

Tier 1- Helpdesk

Friendly, polite, knowledgeable help desk staff members receive enquiries from customers dialling into a ‘virtual’ helpdesk via a dedicated phone line. These enquiries are then assigned to an engineer for specialist help and advice, within the timeframe of your choice.

Tier 2 – Technical Support

For more advanced customer support, a technical filter sorts incoming queries and assigns a technical specialist within 20 minutes. Our expert over-the-phone advice is usually sufficient, but in case of a more complex issue, engineers can be allocated to ensure a positive outcome.

  • Fully customisable to align to your brand, values and requirements.
  • Services in English and other languages, able to receive calls from across the European time-zones.
  • Out-of-hours service and 7 day service available, plus flexible peak period support (allowing you to switch to the Qcom helpdesk for holiday periods, product launches, or as an overflow facility).
Field Repairs

Field Repairs

Qcom’s large network of highly trained engineers and technical consultants means you can provide your customers with on-site repair and technical support across the whole of the UK and Europe – ensuring a superb after-market experience whenever and wherever your customers need help.

  • Our fully-employed engineering team is among is the best in the business, delivering high first-time fix rates and minimised downtime for your customers.
  • Flexible response and fix times, allowing you to set the standard you require for your after-market provision. Standard field service response is 2 to 3 working days, but faster response times as well as a weekend service are also available.
  • Pre-visit technical filter calls mean we only send an engineer to site when one is strictly necessary – and provide valuable technical insight before they are dispatched.
  • Pan-European coverage, in close partnership with providers across Europe.
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

To minimise downtime and improve the life-span of equipment, Qcom can provide a preventative maintenance programme for you and your customers.

  • Contracted preventative maintenance schedules, or one-off visits for customers looking to ensure units are in top condition ahead of a major project or busy period.
  • As well as any cleaning or maintenance required, our service typically includes an assessment of the individual unit, as well as highlighting any user training needs or further work that could further optimise the unit’s performance.
Workshop Repairs

Workshop Repairs

Qcom provides a full suite of workshop / depot services via our Technical Repair Centre, allowing you to fully outsource your back-to-base repair provision or to supplement your in-house resources to meet fluctuations in demand.

  • A technical filter service means customers only return units for workshop repair when one is strictly necessary (typically resolving more than 15% of calls without any further intervention).
  • Fully managed returns process, including issuing the appropriate customer forms, and providing agreed RMA and logistics facilities. A next-day / two-day exchange programme can be provided, with Qcom managing the shipment of a loan or replacement unit.
  • Flexible repair time targets, allowing you to specify response and repair turnaround times to meet your own customer commitments. Non-contract repairs are typically assessed within 72 hours of receipt, with repairs completed within 3 to 5 days.
Warranty Management

Warranty Management

With Qcom on your team, you can confidently offer your customers the warranty or extended warranty package your market demands. Working closely with our manufacturer partners, we offer not only field and workshop / depot warranty repairs, but also a complete end-to-end warranty management service, from warranty registration to policy review and feedback.

  • Warranty registration
  • Rules management / adjudication
  • Claims processing
  • Warranty repair (field and workshop / depot)
  • Device replacement / swap-out
  • Warranty policy review and feedback
Inventory & Logistics

Inventory & Logistics

Take away the hassle of tracking your stock, spare parts and assets by letting Qcom manage your inventory. We manage the logistics and warehousing of inventory to enable partners to have a forward stock location closer to clients and with the benefit of reduced costs associated with establishing a dedicated facility.

  • Inventory stored at Qcom is insured, secured and asset tracked on our service management stock system.
  • Services can be purchased on a temporary seasonal basis, deal by deal, or ongoing; furthermore costs can be structured by means of a fixed price monthly retainer, cost per transaction or a combination of both.
  • Established relationships with national, international and technical couriers, who provided a range of services from same day deliveries, timed deliveries and swap out services. Equally we can simply manage the logistics using your supplied courier account.

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