Whether you are outsourcing services for the first time or transferring them to Qcom from another provider, our consulting and project management teams will work with you every step of the way to design and deliver a service programme which works flawlessly from Day One.

Our BS11000 informed approach is built on a continuous improvement loop comprising formulation, implementation, engagement and review.


Exploratory discussions, scoping document, and policies and processes are all agreed before a joint project team is appointed, with committed executive sponsorship at its head. A project plan sets out key milestones and deliverables, required resources and services, and the full scope of the partnership, including core strategy, objectives, risks and agreed collaborative principles.


Implementation begins with the completion of a framework agreement and the creation of a relationship management plan. An integration document covering HR mechanisms is produced when staff are to transfer under the TUPE regulations. Once agreements are signed the project moves to ‘Go-live’ with either a pilot, and phased transition, or a rapid switch-over date.

Engagement & Review

Our proven methodology and operational processes are designed not only to release immediate benefits but also drive continuous improvement over time. Building on foundations of executive sponsorship, operational structure, consistent governance, defined roles and clear responsibilities, we maintain total focus on the desired business objectives, operating practices and appropriate performance measures.

We build our powerful collaborative business partnerships on 6 core success factors.
  1. All parties viewing the outsourcing arrangement as a long-term collaborative partnership
  2. Choosing the right supplier and agreeing a customised solution against your technological, business and financial objectives
  3. Assigning responsibility to key individuals in both partners to ensure clear ownership & accountability
  4. Agreeing appropriate performance indicators to measure results regularly
  5. Putting in place good communication between all stakeholders, internal and external.
  6. Having proven operational processes to ensure delivery of the outsource objectives.

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