The home has long been a focal point for technology innovation, from established white goods electronics to the latest IP and AI enabled digital devices.

We work in partnership with the manufacturer of this technology to ensure their technical service and aftermarket capabilities meet the same high standards as their technology products.

In the workshop and the home

Thanks to Qcom’s large engineering network, and our pan-European technical support and logistics infrastructure, you can easily choose when and how to provide return-to-depot or field service support.

Brand-building excellence

The quality of the customer support experience is critical to building a strong consumer brand. We recruit and train for service excellence as well as technical know-how, and build processes that allow our people to deliver the very best customer experience on behalf of your brand.

Seamless integration

We can work closely with your retail and distribution partners as well as your own service, technical and leadership teams, ensuring full and seamless integration with your company brand values and processes.

Qcom prides itself on staying ahead of the consumer technology curve, having evolved with the sector over many years.

We have a strong track record of developing solutions to support leading-edge new technologies, and already support a wide range of existing home devices and equipment including (but by no means confined to):

  • Air conditioning units;
  • de-humidifiers;
  • coffee machines;
  • refrigerators;
  • freezers;
  • care & assist equipment;
  • and more.

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