Meeting the challenges of white glove technology products handling and fulfilment

Marc Sanderson

More and more services promise ‘white glove’ treatment but, as Qcom’s Marc Sanderson reflects, white glove technology product handling requires some very specific commitments.

The promise of ‘white glove’ handling is everywhere in today’s fulfilment, logistics and transport sector.

Demand for it has, at least in part, been driven by the rise and rise of home delivery and the so-called ‘Amazon effect’ – a philosophy of convenience-first, customer-first market positioning driving up customer expectations.

In many cases, ‘white glove’ has simply come to mean a higher quality of service or special attention to detail. This can be about care, speed, convenience, or a combination of all three.

But while these additional service level commitments are growing increasingly important to companies across a wide range of sectors, ‘white glove’ for technology products carries very specific connotations and requirements.

White glove for technology products

Delicate and high-value electronics often require facilities such as isolated cleanrooms, anti-static protection, temperature and humidity control, and advanced security.

Specialist equipment often calls for specialist handling, such as to preserve sterile packaging on medical equipment or maintain accurate calibration on weighing and measurement devices.

Many technology products in both B2B and high-end retail markets benefit from enhanced care designed to deliver a premium customer experience. This could include personalised delivery slots, home installation and configuration, user training, and aftermarket support.

In all these customer-facing scenarios, the extra white glove treatment can come right down to the way technical delivery or engineering staff are dressed and trained, to ensure an understanding of service values as well as technical excellence.

Qcom white glove fulfilment

For Qcom, ‘white glove’ covers all of these and more, as the embodiment of our ‘going the extra mile’ commitment. As technology specialists, we recognise and understand the unique qualities of these products, and the demands that places on storage, handling, transportation and logistics.

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