Positive start to field services trial for electric car

Marc Sanderson

The first few weeks of Qcom’s 12-month electric car trial have been extremely encouraging.

We are trialling the suitability of a Kia e-Niro electric vehicle for use by our field service engineers as they deliver repairs, maintenance and technical services on technology products around the UK.

Early indications on the car’s range have been positive, despite the cold and wet spring weather in which the trial began. Our real-world average of 240 miles in the worst of the weather, and 280 in the best of it, gets pretty close to the e-Niro’s advertised range.

As a result, fuel costs have been encouraging, with the e-Niro’s first 5,000 miles costing roughly £190 – compared with approximately £550 for the diesel Vauxhall Insignia it replaced.

Electric Car Sign

Qcom operations manager Rob Heritage said: “While the electric car costs considerably more to acquire than the diesel vehicle it replaced, it is easy to see how the fuel cost savings as well as tax and other financial advantages could eventually offset and then surpass that.

“This could be a considerable advantage when scaled up across an entire fleet – but of course there are many more aspects to this trial than simply cost.

“We are currently working through a range of issues from home and in-journey charging technologies to boot size, and we will be reporting further on these in the coming months.”

You can read more here about our EV trial , or more here about Qcom’s field engineering and support services.

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