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The power of outsourced technology installation & technical delivery

Neil Anderson

One of the most fundamental decisions to make in a technology installation or rollout project is whether to implement it with in-house or outsourced resources.

While this can be a finely balanced call for some technical services projects, there are good reasons why rollouts are, in our experience, among the most frequently outsourced.

The challenges of technology installation

First, successful rollouts generally require a specific blend of skills, infrastructure, and territorial coverage (click here to read more about delivering a successful rollout). These do not generally align to the core resourcing of technology manufacturers, system integrators, or distributors. And where they are available in-house, they are typically dedicated to other activities.

Second, demand for rollouts tends to be uneven and hard to forecast. This is particularly true with b2b technology products, where major orders can cause significant but unpredictable spikes in demand for delivery and installation.

These spikes can leave fixed cost in-house engineering resources struggling to efficiently meet a highly variable level of demand.

Outsourced technology installation

Outsourcing to a technical services specialist can help your business meet these challenges.

An outsourced technical services partner will be able to draw on a larger specialist resource pool to meet either cyclical or unexpected peaks in demand.

That larger pool will also give you direct and immediate access to specialist engineering and service expertise, dedicated infrastructure, and instant national coverage across your sales territories. The result can be both an improved quality of rollout and reduced cost of operations.

The right outsource partner

Despite these advantages however, it is vital to remember that this remains one of the most important ‘moments of truth’ in your customer lifecycle.

By outsourcing delivery and installation you will be placing a great deal of trust in your provider. These projects will very much represent ‘your brand in their hands’, so your due diligence and preparations will need to be rigorous.

This will include not just planning but also training – not matter how skilled the provider’s engineers and technicians are, they are unlikely to arrive fully prepped and ready to go.

An experienced partner is vital.

Qcom has decades of experience in delivering best practice technology rollouts and installations for technology manufacturers, system integrators, and distributors across many sectors.

From simple technical deliveries through to the widescale installation of new and leading-edge technologies, these projects make up a significant proportion of our portfolio.

Contact Qcom today on or +44 (0)1905 827650 to discuss your technology rollout and installation requirements.

Or click here to read more about delivering successful installation and technical delivery projects for technology products.

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