The Second Coming of RFID?

Neil Anderson

At Qcom we are always interested in both new technologies and recent innovation, especially if it can lead to business change and subsequent growth.

It was therefore pleasing to attend the UKITA (UK IT Association a trade body for the IT services industry)  www.ukita.co.uk.  

AGM and Expo and hear the chair Helen Brewster encouraged us to ignore the media led negativity of double dip recessions and instead talk about success stories and be positive about growth and technology. 

One such success story is the NTAILS project in the IT Futures department, University of Wolverhampton. NTAILS stands for New Technologies for Automatic Identification, Location and Sensing and is focused on supporting West Midlands based companies innovating with RFID, whilst also researching into the latest technology. With a full demo suite, showing a retail set-up, a library, a warehouse, food chain traceability and a pharmacy; a number of the vertical applications for the technology are in evidence. 

For a long time, we have of course, been in the trough of disillusionment with RFID (after  Gartner) but perhaps at least in a quiet way the full power and benefits of the technology are about to be unleashed. The  RIFD journal  is once again reporting stellar growth for the sector. At Qcom we are ready to support the technology and indeed have seen a recent upturn in projects featuring RFID enabled printers. 

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#RFID The IT Futures department also features a number of other innovation zones, including touch screens and 3D printing, so if you get the chance I would readily advocate taking the time out to see what’s happening at the forefront of technology. 

In the meantime, taking the innovation theme to heart, we will be rolling out a number of new services in the coming weeks, as we strive to work with our partners to be different and so help their clients prosper – delivering growth for us all in a positive way.   

Keep up to date with changes in the industry by following  UKITA  and  RFID Journal  on Twitter. 

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