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Qcom awarded Best Technical Outsourcing Company 2021 – Europe

Marc Sanderson

Qcom has been named as Europe’s best technical outsourcing company by Acquisition International magazine.

The award reflects the company’s successes in a year which has not only seen it maintain 100% service uptime and delivery throughout the pandemic, but also continue with a range of investment and expansion strategies.

best technical outsourcing company

Welcoming the award, Qcom chief executive Neil Anderson said: “2021 was the most challenging year in Qcom’s 40+ years, so we are delighted to have our successes recognised with the award for Europe’s best technical outsourcing company.

“Throughout the pandemic, everyone at Qcom recognised how important it was to keep vital technology working in key sectors like healthcare, supply chain, logistics and food retail.

“As well as achieving that, we have been able to continue our investments in support of new technologies, deliver several national rollout and installation projects, and welcome a significant number of technology manufacturers into new outsource support partnerships.”

This is the latest in a long line of awards to recognise Qcom’s successes as a technical services and aftermarket support partner for global technology brands.

Qcom award - Best Technical Outsourcing Company

Announcing the award, the magazine wrote: “As a leading technical services and support specialist, Qcom Outsourcing Ltd works with technology manufacturers as an outsource or project partner, delivering technical services and aftermarket support on their behalf to achieve efficient and effective delivery and an outstanding customer experience.”

You can read the full Acquisition International article here, or discover here how Qcom helps manufacturers meet their technical services and aftermarket support challenges.


AI Awards - Best Technical Outsourcing Company - Europe

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