Call centre outsourcing – the importance of quality

Neil Anderson

At Qcom  we have long advocated the importance of quality of service in any outsourcing relationship.

This importance has been highlighted this week by the  latest report from CIO. 

The report has shown that where once “price competition was imperative”, the ability to deliver business improvement and longterm value are now key. Failure to execute in this will increase the likelihood of contract termination at renewal. 

Because of its good cost per resolution dynamic and more importantly because of the ‘human interaction’ nature of a phone call versus a web-chat, or FAQ solution; voice remains a key component of the after-sales support package. Therefore ensuring that buyer and provider are happy with the partnership and nurturing it is vital to long term success and a win-win. 

If you are not satisfied with your current call-centre relationship, now is never soon enough to review and refine operational procedures within it. The longterm damage to brand reputation lingers long after any switch has occurred. Despite many banks re-shoring support a number of years ago, for example, the public perception remains that the support line is remote, unhelpful and generally a waste of time. 

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