After winning a major new contract, Bybox engaged Qcom for the rapid roll-out of intelligent lockers at sites across the UK.

At a Glance

  • Commissioned by a US/UK technology company to install 4,700 intelligent locker units
  • Installations at more than 1,200 sites throughout the UK
  • Full service including site surveys, logistics, configuration and installation
  • Project completed on time within just eight months.
Site SurveysSite Surveys
Inventory & LogisticsInventory & Logistics

The Need

US/UK technology company Bybox provides intelligent locker solutions which support field service operations across sectors including telecoms, healthcare and energy.

Bybox technology allows its customers to send repair parts, components and replacement units to a local locker bank overnight, automatically notifying the relevant field engineer when they are ready to collect. Proprietary software manages the distribution and tracking of the stock, allowing customers to see where it is at all times – en route, in the locker or with the engineer.

Having secured a major new contract with a UK energy company, Bybox commissioned Qcom to install 4,700 new intelligent lockers at sites across the UK.

The Challenge

The entire project, from site surveys to completed installation, was scheduled for completion within just eight months.

The challenge of installing this many units in such a tight timeframe was compounded by the high number of sites involved – a total of 1,200 spread across every region. The majority of sites were existing retail or car parking facilities, with access requiring liaison with local site managers.

This complex process was further complicated when the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown was imposed part-way through the project.

The Solution

Qcom provided a single-source turnkey solution for the entire rollout.

Units were collected from the factory then stored, picked and packed ready for timed delivery to our regionally-based engineers. The equipment was then physically installed and configured via a cloud-based app.

Our experienced engineers worked one-to-one with individual site managers throughout the project, identifying on-the-ground solutions to local timing or on-site issues.

This proactive and service-oriented approach proved vital as the Covid-19 pandemic reached the UK, introducing not only new working restrictions but also fresh challenges such as social-distancing queues forming across spaces already earmarked for installations.

The Results

By installing 4,700 intelligent lockers at 1,200 sites across the UK in little more than six months, Qcom helped Bybox meet its demanding contract commitments to a major new customer.

By rising to the scale of the implementation, and then responding proactively to challenges in order to stay within tight deadlines, Qcom earned plaudits from the Bybox team for consistently ‘going the extra mile’.

Awarding Qcom 9 out of 10 scores for technical capability, customer service and overall satisfaction, Bybox Head of Global Implementation concluded: “Fast becoming a preferred supplier, Qcom is delivering a great service.”

Qcom has proven to be a very adaptable, dependable and customer-focused supplier whilst working on this large, business-critical implementation. Change is inevitable during large projects with tight deadlines, and when we’ve needed a quick adjustment to that change, Qcom has handled it under some really challenging circumstances. Where we’ve seen problems arise, Qcom has always been quick to come up with solutions and has certainly gone the extra mile throughout the project.

Ria Mercer-Bowell
Bybox Head of Global Implementation

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