Qcom helps a global manufacturer of handheld devices to meet the peak pre-Christmas requirements of a major customer. 

At a Glance

  • Retained by a global manufacturer of handheld devices to meet peak-period technical support requirements.
  • A bespoke solution to support the pre-Christmas demand from one of the UK’s largest courier companies.
  • 2,350 devices stored, commissioned and shipped to around 70 sites.
  • Devices then re-collected, triaged and stored until the following year.
  • A complete peak-period solution with no added overheads for the manufacturer.
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The Need

Our client provides mobile handheld devices to one of the UK’s largest courier companies. As the courier takes on seasonal workers in the run up to Christmas, it needs fresh devices for the additional drivers.

These mobile devices need to be commissioned and distributed, and then re-collected at the end of the seasonal period.

The Challenge

Qcom was initially engaged in 2015, following problems with a previous provider.

Over a tight six-week window we were asked to commission and distribute a total of 2,350 devices to approximately 70 sites.

The Solution

To meet the short timeframe, Qcom built bespoke cradles which allowed more devices to be commissioned at one time. Multi SD card duplication was used, and additional Qcom staff were trained to meet the exacting requirements of this project.

The Results

Qcom successfully commissioned, distributed, returned and triaged the 2,350 units, and has since been retained to provide an annual solution.

Devices are now held in stock by Qcom on behalf of the customer. In the last quarter of the year, the devices are taken out of storage and triaged; faulty devices are repaired and working devices are passed for staging.

The devices are staged with the customer’s latest software and packed with the necessary accessories including charger, car-mount cradle, stylus and strap.

Devices undergo quality inspection at both the commissioning and packing stages. Once they return to Qcom after Christmas they are triaged, repaired and then put back into storage.

Peak-period demand is a major technical support challenge for many technology manufacturers. In this case, working with Qcom has allowed the manufacturer to meet the pre-Christmas demand without adding any overhead cost to their operation.

Luke Hampton
Qcom Project Manager

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