Investing for service improvement

Neil Anderson

We’ve been quiet on the blog recently, so you may have been wondering what has been going on at Qcom. Well, rather than getting distracted both by the fog of the recent political processes, as well as in all the debates on the general economic malaise, we have been focusing on our business – the part of the economy we can control.

I was quoted in an  FT article  about the recession and how businesses could gear up for a successful recovery. I said that businesses are better to respond to mapped out market opportunities to minimise risks, and companies that talk to their customers and deliver the right solutions will always prosper. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. 

Qcoms vision is driven by a passion for great  customer service  and a quality ethos. It’s the little details that count and we’re not happy if we don’t achieve the high standards we set ourselves. Clearly, it’s been a challenging winter for all UK-based field service operations but that notwithstanding, our focus is always on seeking opportunities for improvement. 

We differentiate ourselves for our partners by not only understanding the service problems that we solve for customers though outsourcing, but also on understanding the importance of delivering our solutions with consistency and reliability. These are standards of excellence that can only be achieved by slick, effective operational processes, and our focus over the last few months has been on reviewing these processes to ensure we meet our promises against service delivery to you. 

This meant that in January, we signed off a £60k investment on a new software platform from Armstrong, the first phase of which has now gone live.  The software will provide mobile reporting and a customer portal going forward, making the benefits of the investment visible to both you, our customer, and to your clients. 

We have also been recruiting yet more engineers and revamping our training programme to ensure our service solutions stay aligned with your own ever-changing service needs over the next decade. But to achieve this we need your input, so please let me know what skills you need us to have and how we can improve our business to you. 

Our latest customer survey is launched this week, and we are looking for your feedback. I would very much appreciate it if you could find time to complete one either here  QcomPartnerSurvey2010. 

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