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Productivity & customer experience goals drive rise in manufacturer outsourcing

Marc Sanderson

The value of outsourcing contracts in the EMEA region rose 10% in 2019, as companies sought to focus resources on improving productivity and the customer experience.

The EMEA ISG Index, published by the Information Services Group (ISG), measures commercial outsourcing contracts with annual contract value (ACV) of €5m or more.

The latest index report shows combined ACV across EMEA reaching €17.1bn in 2019.

This includes a 13% increase to €5.5bn in the UK and Ireland where, despite the lack of clarity over Brexit, the author’s report that outsourcing is allowing businesses to focus money and other resources on improving productivity and the customer experience.

Accelerating change

ISG President Steve Hall explained: “The macroeconomic headwinds blowing across Europe have resulted in an acceleration, rather than a slowing, of the pace of digital change in the region.

“Enterprises are exploring options for cost savings and reinvesting those gains in technologies that will enable them to transform their customer experience and compete with upstart disruptors.”

Some of the strongest growth was to be found in key Qcom sectors, including manufacturing which rose a remarkable 72% in the UK and Ireland.

Technology manufacturer outsourcing

As a leading provider of outsourced technical and support services to technology manufacturers, we recognise the picture these numbers paint.

Technical service and aftermarket capability are important battlegrounds for today’s technology manufacturers, but can be a difficult and costly distraction from their core research, development and manufacturing operations.

By outsourcing their provision to Qcom, our clients can meet the demand for an exceptional customer experience at the same time as driving down costs and freeing their own technical resources to focus on core operations.

You can read more here about the advantages of outsourcing with Qcom, or about the outsourcing process.

Or contact Qcom today to discuss your technical service and support outsourcing objectives.

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