Still going the extra mile: New Year 2021 service update

Marc Sanderson

Despite the New Year pandemic restrictions and some challenging weather across the UK and Europe, Qcom is still delivering all services at full capacity.

While the situation shows no sign of easing (and in a number of respects has become even more difficult in recent days), our contingency planning and systems remain robust, ensuring uninterrupted support and project delivery for the technology manufacturers, distributers and end-users we serve.

Above all, we remain mindful that our engineers, technicians and support specialists are responsible for mission-critical equipment in key sectors including healthcare, supply chain and logistics, food retail, manufacturing, and industrial automation.

Qcom field service support

For reassurance at this difficult time we would highlight the following details from our contingency arrangements:

  1. Our field engineers are dispersed throughout the territories we support, and maintaining the availability of these regional resources remains an absolute priority. For this reason we have been recruiting new engineers to provide not just additional capacity but also enhanced resilience.
  2. For site visits, our engineers are working to an enhanced personal hygiene regime and are following the relevant government’s advice – updated daily – relating to contact avoidance and other practicalities. Our engineers are also ready to comply in full with arrangements made locally at each site they visit.
  3. While we are aware that technology supply chains are being disrupted globally, our supply chain for spare parts and components remains secure. Our stock system is spread across engineers’ boot stock, 14 forward stock locations, and our facilities in both England and the Republic of Ireland.
  4. In terms of head office, helpdesk and service management teams, we operate an agile structure which enables staff able to work on site where permitted and from home where not. Recognising the criticality of frontline helpdesk resourcing during this ongoing crisis, we have also been recruiting additional staff in this area of the business.

Finally, we continue to strongly encourage customers to resume any routine maintenance and other preventative support which may have been suspended or postponed. Experience shows that such interruptions inevitably and rapidly lead to increased failure rates and faults which can prove harder to resolve without further disruption to normal business operations.

Qcom managing director Neil Anderson said: “Despite the pandemic restrictions and winter weather combining to cause an unparalleled degree of disruption, we remain confident that Qcom’s robust contingency planning, resourcing and systems will allow us to keep delivering at 100% through the coming months. Qcom will continue to ‘go the extra mile’ for its customers, and do everything we can to help keep essential technology and equipment working throughout the economy.”

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