Qcom named as Europe’s Outstanding Technical Outsourcing Company

Marc Sanderson

Qcom has been named as Europe’s Outstanding Technical Outsourcing Company in the Acquisition International Global Excellence Awards 2020.

The Acquisition International award reflects not just Qcom’s sustained achievements in the sector over more than 40 years, but also its recent track record of innovation and investment.

These have helped Qcom to meet the ever-increasing demand for faster response times, Europe-wide delivery, and support for new technology categories.

Qcom Most Outstanding Technical Outsourcing Company

Announcing the award, the magazine wrote: “The core values behind Qcom go part of the way to explaining the company’s tremendous and sustained success. Technical, service and operational excellence are the basis on which Qcom is built.

“The crucial difference between Qcom and its competitors is that it trusts its workforce to do its job, recruiting for service as well as technical excellence. By putting processes in place to empower these experts, it is no surprise that they are keen to use initiative to go the extra mile and deliver enviable results for their customers.”

This is the latest in a long line of awards to recognise Qcom’s successes as a leading technical services and aftermarket support outsource provider to global technology brands.

You can read the full Acquisition International article here, or discover here how Qcom helps manufacturers meet their technical services and aftermarket support challenges.

Qcom Outstanding Technical Outsourcing Company Certificate

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