Qcom rebrands to emphasise global technology support partnerships

Marc Sanderson

Technical excellence and partnership lie at the heart of a new brand identity launched by Qcom.

The new branding is built around the slogan ‘Going the extra mile’.

The phrase reflects not only Qcom’s reputation for outstanding customer service, but also the large network of field engineers and technical consultants who provide Qcom customers with on-site repair and technical support throughout the UK and Europe.

Supporting the slogan is a new logo based on soft modern shapes with a distinct ‘pulse’ motif to reflect the company’s focus on technology products. The simple descriptor of ‘technology service + support’ has been introduced to help global technology manufacturers quickly identify the core Qcom service offering.

Service and support capability

Managing director Neil Anderson explained that the new branding has been designed to communicate more effectively with global technology manufacturers which are Qcom’s core market.

“Service and support capability is a key battleground for today’s technology manufacturers, as they respond to the ever-growing customer expectations for guaranteed capability, seamless performance and an outstanding whole-of-life product experience.

“Qcom’s primary skill-set is providing the specialist people, processes and infrastructure required to meet this challenge.

“So behind the new branding is the simple message that by outsourcing technical services to Qcom, manufacturers can deliver outstanding pre- and post-sales support for their customers, save money, and free their own people and resources for their core technology activities.”

Creating value

Qcom provides technical support for some of the world’s biggest and most innovative technology manufacturers, delivering services into 15 countries across Europe.

A founding principle of technical excellence means the company is technology agnostic, able to develop and rapidly deploy outsourced or project-based service and support solutions for technologies as diverse as handheld and mobile devices, access control, print and Auto ID, parking, kiosks and other customer engagement technology (CET).

The company works across multiple sectors including: retail, leisure, food and hospitality; supply chain and logistics; medical; consumer; manufacturing and industrial automation; and transport infrastructure.

Qcom creates value for technology manufacturers by:

  1. Optimising technical service provision, helping manufacturers introduce new capability, improve quality, increase scalability, or reduce costs.
  2. Increasing product sales, with technical services that support the technology pre-sales and sales processes, and after-market activity which supports retention and repeat purchases.
  3. Building long-term brand value, by improving the customer experience, building reputation and brand value via quality pre-sales and sales services, plus after-market technical services and warranty management.
Technology roots

With more than four decades of expertise and reputation to draw on, Qcom is well established as one of Europe’s leading providers of outsourced technical and support services to technology manufacturers.

The company was founded in 1978 as a designer and manufacturer of network interface technologies. As its support focus grew through the 1980s and early 90s, the business diversified into a series of new sectors including CAD/CAM and manufacturing with Cambridge Industries and Auto ID and barcoding with Zebra Technologies.

Finally, in the mid-1990s, Qcom ceased manufacturing all together and relaunched as a pure-play specialist in outsourced technical service and support.

Core values

But as Neil Anderson reflects, the commitment to ‘always going the extra mile’ has been a constant throughout the company’s evolution.

“Going the extra mile runs right to the heart of Qcom’s core company values of technical, service and operational excellence.

“Technical excellence means we are committed to recruiting, training and continually developing best-in-class engineering excellence at every level.

“Service excellence means we understand that having ‘your brand in our hands’ demands the highest level of service quality and brand ambassadorship.

“But above all, operational excellence reminds us that these commitments mean nothing unless they are consistently delivered, day-in and day-out, with a determination to go the extra mile in everything we do.”

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