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Apprenticeships update: Investing in the future

Annabel Roddy

Apprenticeships continue to be a vital part of Qcom’s long-term growth plans.

Our longstanding apprenticeships programme has created dozens of training and development opportunities for young people in all areas of the business over many years. The result has been a steady stream of highly motivated, talented and effective employees.

When we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week 2021 in February, a number of our most recent apprentices had recently graduated to full-time roles. Since then we are delighted to have welcomed a new crop of talented and enthusiastic new apprentices.

Apprenticeships at Qcom


Joel Gutteridge began his 12-month apprenticeship with Qcom four months ago, in partnership with Intec Business College.

His Level 2 Stock and Logistics course integrates hands on working with learning, to accelerate knowledge and experience in the field.

Joel explained: “I am learning a lot at Qcom. The role is very hands on, and it is allowing me to learn quickly by putting my learning into practice.

“I have already gained so much experience in the stock and inventory field from working here, and I am really looking forward to the next eight months on the programme.”

Joel is just one of the Qcom Technical Repair Centre employees who combines study with work, and we are proud to showcase the dedication and drive that he has delivered so far in his apprenticeship.

If you know someone who would be interested in following in his footsteps with a Qcom apprenticeship, please email

Or to read more about the UK apprenticeships programme, visit

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